Bully is never OK

It’s been a week of speaking out in the wrestling world and whilst I’ve never experienced it there, I have decided to speak out with my experiences of bullying.

Firstly, bullying of any kind is always unacceptable no matter the form. It can effect people for many years.

Throughout my childhood nin was bullied in more than one way. Yes, there were older boys who did it for many years where I lived. The constant names, threats and including hitting and even stealing bikes was a hard thing to deal with when you are a kid.

So bad, it was a choice of simply staying indoors, although that didn’t stop. It continued by shouting outside the house.

It went on for many years with ridiculous names and behaviour that was just awful. It wasn’t an easy thing to go through and it was hard for my parents too who saw all of it with no reason behind these people’s actions.

But it wasn’t just youngsters, it was also from a teacher I had in year 6 at Bitterne school. She felt that I was worthless and made life hell by making me sit at a desk with back to the class looking out the window all day. In fact three of us recieved that treatment.

I was put on lower level work with no support and unable to interact with classmates and made to clean the board every day.

To be blunt she purposely ignored me and the two others. She then told my parents at parents evening that I wasn’t worth it because I would never get anywhere.

Hardly encouraging from a teacher who was also deputy head but the result was that is how she made me feel.

When I went to senior school my maths teacher couldn’t believe I didn’t know simple maths because of my time in year 6.

What you have to remember is that this behaviour ruins lives and can be an effect that never goes away and it’s completely utterly unacceptable.

Bullying whether it’s name calling, treating someone different, putting comments on social media is just unacceptable.

To a degree I hope that those who bullied me read this and learn just what they did which was a lack of confidence for so many years.

But in the end I didn’t let it get me down. I always have done and always will treat everyone the right way and would never do anything to make anyone feel bad or treated differently.

Those who really know me know that i support everyone as much as possible. I know there are some who have tried making out differently but if you meet me, know me you know I am supportive. The reason why I work in L&D is because i help people where I can.

I have cracked in been Radio Presenter, run my own events company, worked a learning and development manager and also a wrestler. It’s all taking time but it’s worked out 🙂

So remember, don’t bully, just be nice!


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