New direction?

For more than 15 years I have focused on the paranormal, theatrical ghost tours and the journey has been absolutely amazing.

We have won awards, I have designed ghost tours and events, launches them and sold them out. I have worked in radio, written and appeared in articles and been on TV.

I have lived in a haunted manor, helped write a book and so much more. Supernatural Tours and Events has been my pride a joy and whilst I want it to grow, develop and i want to continue on the journey, one thing has always been a barrier.

That barrier is that I haven’t developed me. With qualification and experience in Learning and development, dog training and wrestling there’s so much more I want to achieve.

I’m giving 1 million percent to wrestling and my L&D career and fitness is one thing I have been really developing.

I’ve looked at personal training courses which really excites me. Maybe it’s a new journey?

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