Paranormal dilemma’s

It has been six months since we were able to do a ghost tour with the public and whilst I miss it grately, I have been one of the people being vocal about the importance of keeping everyone safe.

Covid-19 hasnt gone away and whilst it was sad to suspend events it has been the absolute correct decision. After all, nothing is more important than the health and well being of everyone.

In view of that, we have always said events wont come back until its safe to do so. We are trialing two limited number tours in September but it wont get back to normal anytime soon. We will always do what is right for you and in line with the Government and we hope that these correct actions will enhance our reputation. Money should never come above health.

However, sadly this is not the case with like minded companies and groups in the paranormal who believe that these rules do not apply to them. Over the past few weeks I have seen several companies running ghost hunts with no Covid-19 policies stated, no attempts at social distancing and at venues which just arent suitable.

Some have operated ghost hunts with over 30 people (which is against the law currently) and allowed guests to do close contact experiments such as glass divination, seances and use equipment and then of course changing areas with no cleaning taking place.

In one example, I was told that guests at one ghost hunt at a museum were told they didnt have to wear masks as all the guests ‘agreed’ it was OK not to. Again, this is illegal, the Government guidelines clearly state unless you have a medical reason why, you must wear masks in places such as museums. So why would this differ on a ghost hunt? The answer is, it doesnt!

In addition, operating ghost hunts in venues with small spaces and in low level or no lighting where you cant see where guests are makes in impossible to ensure social distancing. Telling customers they can mix and do glass divination and such as experiments ‘at arms length’ is not social distancing and very worrying.

The inability to clean each area down before each group goes there again is risky. To make matters worse, they arent taking booking in advance which is also clearly wrong!

To add to that, some are now advertising ‘zombie’ scare events which not only encourage close contact, but also encourage people to raise their voice and scream. This is another thing the NHS are telling people to avoid. The next question is who does the make up? how do you stop people touching? the questions just continue.

I have worked in the paranormal and sadly, it continues to be an industry with people in it more worried about fame and money than anything or anyone else. This just isnt us, we care, we work hard and we do the right thing.

In those many years I have seen maney companies come and go, many people attempt to cause trouble or do sad things such as backstab. It really is a vicious industry to be in, something I really hope will change. But the reality is that it doesnt seem to be the case.

I pride myself on being professional, working with everyone and getting on with everyone because that the person I am and sadly, many have taken advantage of that and blasted out some negative comments about our company or us personally which have always been false but I know those who know us know that šŸ™‚

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