Sometimes a challenge is a challenge!

Its fair to say that no matter how much you prepare yourself and no matter how hard you try things can be slightly challenging.

Earlier this week I enjoyed being a part of the Quality Wrestling show in Havant. Having had Covid for two weeks it was touch and go to if I would be able to do the show but just 48 hours to go and I got the all important negative.

Anyone who knows me knows that I always give a million percent behind anything and I was raring to go, stepped in the ring but in any sport like this, theres always a chance you may get injured, but you know that when you do it and thats the risk you take to provide great entertainment.

All was going so well until a bit of an accident resulting in the back of my neck/ head taking one heck of a knock. It was an accident but left me dizzy and blurry eyed but somehow I still gave the match a shot, worse for wear and its fair to say looking back on it, you could tell something was wrong. It wasnt that I had forgotten anything at all, it was just a result of an accident.

But as they say, the show must go on and yes, there were a couple of slip ups which only a couple of peers noticed but in true Jensen spirit, I still continued with the match with no idea who or where I was! even I have no idea how I continued! Some how you find the fight to continue.

The important message here is that accidents happen in wrestling, but you continue through it. Yes I was disappointed with some of the slip ups but considering the condition I was in and still feeling the affects of Covid I still gave a decent match and a good shot no matter the slip ups!

Thanks to everyone who noticed something had happened. I appreciate it and the support as always has continued to be amazing.

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