Sometimes a challenge is a challenge!

Its fair to say that no matter how much you prepare yourself and no matter how hard you try things can be slightly challenging.

Earlier this week I enjoyed being a part of the Quality Wrestling show in Havant. Having had Covid for two weeks it was touch and go to if I would be able to do the show but just 48 hours to go and I got the all important negative.

Anyone who knows me knows that I always give a million percent behind anything and I was raring to go, stepped in the ring but in any sport like this, theres always a chance you may get injured, but you know that when you do it and thats the risk you take to provide great entertainment.

All was going so well until a bit of an accident resulting in the back of my neck/ head taking one heck of a knock. It was an accident but left me dizzy and blurry eyed but somehow I still gave the match a shot, worse for wear and its fair to say looking back on it, you could tell something was wrong. It wasnt that I had forgotten anything at all, it was just a result of an accident.

But as they say, the show must go on and yes, there were a couple of slip ups which only a couple of peers noticed but in true Jensen spirit, I still continued with the match with no idea who or where I was! even I have no idea how I continued! Some how you find the fight to continue.

The important message here is that accidents happen in wrestling, but you continue through it. Yes I was disappointed with some of the slip ups but considering the condition I was in and still feeling the affects of Covid I still gave a decent match and a good shot no matter the slip ups!

Thanks to everyone who noticed something had happened. I appreciate it and the support as always has continued to be amazing.

Bully is never OK! My story

As lock down continues, many of us are struggling with things. Whether its financial, jobs or mental health, the pandemic has probably impacted everyone in one way or another.

These strange times give us time to reflect on things and one of the things that I have always supported is anti-bullying. No matter the reasons, no matter who you are, bully is never OK and never justified!

Most importantly, I wanted to do something I have never really done is share the accounts that I have suffered personally in the hope that in some way, I can help others.

As a child I experienced years of bullying for no apparent reason. Many people will probably think that this was at school, but actually it was the street I lived in. For years, teenagers who were much older than me felt it was justified to bully me and family. The relentless bullying, name calling every time we left the house and even from them outside the house shouting names and threats and over the fence whilst we were in the back garden were constant, but not just one person but by many!

What did we do to cause this…..the simple answer is nothing. On regular occasions it resulted in not just name calling but things being thrown and physical contact. There were times my parents would come out to take us in to stop it and would also get abuse thrown at them.

This went on for years and even people who were ‘friends’ soon jumped ship to join in. There were times where I wanted to move away to get away from it all. One of the biggest events was an unprovoked attack by one of the bullies who jumped me whilst I was doing my paper round. Luckily, someone saw it and came out the rescue.

There was the next problem, the bullying then became a feature of my paper round which wasnt even in the area that I lived in, although not overly far off.

For much of this it would be hard to go anywhere for fear of abuse, being followed whilst having names thrown. There was one nickname which they felt was necessary to insult us with time and time again to the point where they would mimic sounds and behaviour of that animal in a bit to bully.

As a child it was hard to comprehend why they did this, the reasons and why our tears and having to stay indoors didnt make them realise their actions were causing hurt. But it made life as a child particularly hard no matter how hard my parents tried, it just never stopped.

The next fear I has was that it would be spread to school and people would find out. Luckily, I went to a different school so that didnt appear to happen.

I am sure that many have experienced something like this but in addition to this I want to remind everyone that some times bullying isnt as obvious as it seems.

In year six I had a teacher who also felt that it was OK to bully and she was the deputy head! In this instance she felt it was OK for me to rub the board clean each day. OK, so that not so unusual right?

How about this, this teacher made me sit at a desk facing away from the rest the class looking out the window. She then put me on different levels of subjects with no support and no time given to help.

Whilst everyone else was able to answer questions, check if they were correct for us three it was entirely different. We were clearly treated differently and for no reason. She then said that I wasnt worth teaching because I would never get anywhere. Why would you say that!

I decided to write about my accounts because I want those who did this to understand just how hurtful it can be and that despite everything, the pain, the upset and everything else I was determined not to let it hold me back.

I hope that responsible read this and understand that what they did was not OK and it was not right and to realise how it felt to be treated in such cruel ways but ultimately, it hasnt stopped me going out there, having a successful career in L&D, Radio, event management and wrestling.

So, if you are being bullied you’re not alone and dont hold yourself back no matter how hard it may be. If you have bullied or you are doing it think about your actions and the trauma it causes.

2021 the challenge is on!

So 2020 has been erm….well need I say? But despite all the events in the world there have been some positives!

2021 will be another challenging year and it will be the year I build muscle, continue to develop wrestling skills and get out there and do shows!

Fitness and wrestling are my passions and I will achieve them, it just takes times, support, patience, hard work and a good diet! But I have plans for that too!

Let’s make it work! Keep the support going! Thanks all!

Progress….it’s coming!

As you know, I have been on a mission the last few years to get fitter and that journey has been fruitful.

There are many who doubt I could do this but they journey isn’t stopping. It’s progressing and it’s getting better everyone!

From going for runs to weight workouts I’ve got to keep pushing myself more more!

Achievement never came easy!

Fitness….yeah, I can do this!

In the past few years I have become somewhat of a fanatic about fitness. It’s something many of us strive for but it’s easier said than done right?

Busy lifestyles leave us little time, bust work lives and well, just the year of 2020 need I say more!

Still, I have continued to challenge myself with at least one gym session….and often two and I feel the progress is starting to show!

It’s hard work and now as I continue my challenge I want to try to build the muscle meaning a stricter diet and a whole lot of support.

After all, without support can you really do it? It’s going to be tough but with the support of my husband this is something I want to do and want to win and I’m going to keep you updated on my like page and YouTube page!

At the end of the day, we all have different goals we like to hit in life. This is mine, to beat body dysmorphia!

Paranormal dilemma’s

It has been six months since we were able to do a ghost tour with the public and whilst I miss it grately, I have been one of the people being vocal about the importance of keeping everyone safe.

Covid-19 hasnt gone away and whilst it was sad to suspend events it has been the absolute correct decision. After all, nothing is more important than the health and well being of everyone.

In view of that, we have always said events wont come back until its safe to do so. We are trialing two limited number tours in September but it wont get back to normal anytime soon. We will always do what is right for you and in line with the Government and we hope that these correct actions will enhance our reputation. Money should never come above health.

However, sadly this is not the case with like minded companies and groups in the paranormal who believe that these rules do not apply to them. Over the past few weeks I have seen several companies running ghost hunts with no Covid-19 policies stated, no attempts at social distancing and at venues which just arent suitable.

Some have operated ghost hunts with over 30 people (which is against the law currently) and allowed guests to do close contact experiments such as glass divination, seances and use equipment and then of course changing areas with no cleaning taking place.

In one example, I was told that guests at one ghost hunt at a museum were told they didnt have to wear masks as all the guests ‘agreed’ it was OK not to. Again, this is illegal, the Government guidelines clearly state unless you have a medical reason why, you must wear masks in places such as museums. So why would this differ on a ghost hunt? The answer is, it doesnt!

In addition, operating ghost hunts in venues with small spaces and in low level or no lighting where you cant see where guests are makes in impossible to ensure social distancing. Telling customers they can mix and do glass divination and such as experiments ‘at arms length’ is not social distancing and very worrying.

The inability to clean each area down before each group goes there again is risky. To make matters worse, they arent taking booking in advance which is also clearly wrong!

To add to that, some are now advertising ‘zombie’ scare events which not only encourage close contact, but also encourage people to raise their voice and scream. This is another thing the NHS are telling people to avoid. The next question is who does the make up? how do you stop people touching? the questions just continue.

I have worked in the paranormal and sadly, it continues to be an industry with people in it more worried about fame and money than anything or anyone else. This just isnt us, we care, we work hard and we do the right thing.

In those many years I have seen maney companies come and go, many people attempt to cause trouble or do sad things such as backstab. It really is a vicious industry to be in, something I really hope will change. But the reality is that it doesnt seem to be the case.

I pride myself on being professional, working with everyone and getting on with everyone because that the person I am and sadly, many have taken advantage of that and blasted out some negative comments about our company or us personally which have always been false but I know those who know us know that 🙂

New direction?

For more than 15 years I have focused on the paranormal, theatrical ghost tours and the journey has been absolutely amazing.

We have won awards, I have designed ghost tours and events, launches them and sold them out. I have worked in radio, written and appeared in articles and been on TV.

I have lived in a haunted manor, helped write a book and so much more. Supernatural Tours and Events has been my pride a joy and whilst I want it to grow, develop and i want to continue on the journey, one thing has always been a barrier.

That barrier is that I haven’t developed me. With qualification and experience in Learning and development, dog training and wrestling there’s so much more I want to achieve.

I’m giving 1 million percent to wrestling and my L&D career and fitness is one thing I have been really developing.

I’ve looked at personal training courses which really excites me. Maybe it’s a new journey?

Bully is never OK

It’s been a week of speaking out in the wrestling world and whilst I’ve never experienced it there, I have decided to speak out with my experiences of bullying.

Firstly, bullying of any kind is always unacceptable no matter the form. It can effect people for many years.

Throughout my childhood nin was bullied in more than one way. Yes, there were older boys who did it for many years where I lived. The constant names, threats and including hitting and even stealing bikes was a hard thing to deal with when you are a kid.

So bad, it was a choice of simply staying indoors, although that didn’t stop. It continued by shouting outside the house.

It went on for many years with ridiculous names and behaviour that was just awful. It wasn’t an easy thing to go through and it was hard for my parents too who saw all of it with no reason behind these people’s actions.

But it wasn’t just youngsters, it was also from a teacher I had in year 6 at Bitterne school. She felt that I was worthless and made life hell by making me sit at a desk with back to the class looking out the window all day. In fact three of us recieved that treatment.

I was put on lower level work with no support and unable to interact with classmates and made to clean the board every day.

To be blunt she purposely ignored me and the two others. She then told my parents at parents evening that I wasn’t worth it because I would never get anywhere.

Hardly encouraging from a teacher who was also deputy head but the result was that is how she made me feel.

When I went to senior school my maths teacher couldn’t believe I didn’t know simple maths because of my time in year 6.

What you have to remember is that this behaviour ruins lives and can be an effect that never goes away and it’s completely utterly unacceptable.

Bullying whether it’s name calling, treating someone different, putting comments on social media is just unacceptable.

To a degree I hope that those who bullied me read this and learn just what they did which was a lack of confidence for so many years.

But in the end I didn’t let it get me down. I always have done and always will treat everyone the right way and would never do anything to make anyone feel bad or treated differently.

Those who really know me know that i support everyone as much as possible. I know there are some who have tried making out differently but if you meet me, know me you know I am supportive. The reason why I work in L&D is because i help people where I can.

I have cracked in been Radio Presenter, run my own events company, worked a learning and development manager and also a wrestler. It’s all taking time but it’s worked out 🙂

So remember, don’t bully, just be nice!


Changing it up!

Lockdown has been a huge test for all of us and it’s til not over! My challenge was to keep active and workout.

I have continued to workout, even in the heat of the sun and tried to maintain a healthy diet.

Now, I want to push myself further and do thinks like never before. Tougher weights, tougher challenges and so much more.

This month I challenge James (Raphael) to a wrestling match. It was our first match together and proud to say that I won.

Getting in the ring was a major mission for me and I have enjoyed it. There’s so much more to to but I am looking forward to it.